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Charlie White

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They were the first U.S. ice dancers to win Olympic gold. Together, they U.S. titles. Davis and White still skate together in exhibitions on tours.

Olympic gold medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White are the most decorated American ice dancers in history, yet they do not plan to compete again. Davis and White, both 30 years old, have not competed since they won the gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. During a year career, the tandem became the Olympic champions, the Olympic silver medalists, two-time World champions , , five-time Grand Prix Final champions and six-time U.

Despite a lifetime of success, Davis and White are comfortable moving on from competition and enjoying the sport from the side. Sports Illustrated caught up with Davis and White to chat about their careers, future plans and what it means to be an Olympian. Nihal Kolur : Before we get into any specifics: For those who are unaware, what is the difference between ice dancing and figure skating?

Charlie White : Ice dancing is a discipline of figure skating. Most people confuse pair skating and ice dancing but ice dancing is much more, ‘Dancing With the Stars’ on ice, more of a ballroom feel. The connection between the partners is much closer as well and the technical elements we do are less explosive. We do a lot of lifts but we’re not allowed to lift over the head and we don’t do side by side jumps or spins.

The crux of ice dancing is the connection between the partners and the music and how you’re able to tell a story. Nihal Kolur: So what got you interested in figure skating in the first place? Meryl Davis : We grew up skating, locally in Detroit, as a lot of kids in that area do. We kind of just fell in love with it and we partnered up as a dance team when we were eight and nine.

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Ice Dancing Icons Meryl Davis & Charlie White Aren’t Competing — But and almost led the judges to believe they were actually a couple.

This article is from the archive of our partner. Ice dancing is a sport that practically encourages fan ‘shipping. So are the Olympians actually romantic off the ice? Well, it’s complicated. It’s convincing enough that skaters are often asked if they’re dating in real life. The fact that sometimes the connection is romantic can raise eyebrows when there’s a brother-sister team like Maia and Alex Shibutani competing.

Bosley said the Shibutanis are “pretty wise with what they choose,” but brother-sister teams are limiting. But these two former ice dancers told The Wire that behind the scenes, dancers’ relationships are often more like siblings’. Not sexy. Jodie Jill of the Examiner. Olympic ice dance couple looks in love,” only to reveal in the course of the story that is not actually the case.

Controversy on Ice: Did American Ice Dancers Davis and White Really Deserve That Gold?

The pair are the Olympic Champion , the Olympic silver medalist , a two-time , World champion, five-time Grand Prix Final champion — , three-time Four Continents champion , , and six-time U. They also won a bronze medal in the team event at the Winter Olympics. Davis and White teamed up in and they are currently the longest-lasting dance team in the United States. They are the first American ice dancers to win the World title, as well as the first Americans to win the Olympic title.

These duos sizzle on the ice—find out if they’re a couple off the rink. Team USA ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White have skated.

Madison Chock and Evan Bates work together in the fullest and most intertwined sense, two athletes who have fused into a couple as both competitors and entertainers during a nine-year partnership. For the past three years, that has made the U. Until the last month, that is. So, much to their bemusement, Chock and Bates have suddenly been in demand as relationship counselors. The dogs have never had it so good: long, looong, looooong walks at least twice a day and constant human companionship.

As badly as they miss skating, Chock and Bates are managing to avoid the pitfalls that could accompany the annoying absence of the activity they love while in the constant presence of the person they love. The two-time world medalists find themselves less bothered by little irritants than they have been sometimes after a long day at the rink. It has been a medal-winning partnership since their second season together, They have made the podium at eight straight U.

Championships two titles , all six of their Four Continents Championships appearances two titles , three Grand Prix Finals and 12 straight other Grand Prix events dating to

Davis and White

Even ice dancing Anderson?? Even ice dancing? The Olympics are as much about the people watching as they are about the events, and I personally would like to see what all those Dutch guys look like out of their speed skating uniforms, O. On the bright side hopefully not too bright for you-know-who , NBC managed to find some black market Visine to help nurse Bob Costas back to health, and our angel was back on set, looking a little bleary eyed but happy to be back.

Remember then?

The Canadian ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir posed for palling around in a couple-y manner as extensions of the on-ice personas they hope the American ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White, the six-time.

Keeping their eyes locked on each other was uncomfortable. To make it easier, their coach put a smiley face sticker on White’s forehead. If Davis focused on the sticker, she could avoid eye contact. Sixteen years later, Davis and White are still twizzling. The United States’ best hope for a gold medal at this week’s world championships and next year’s Sochi Olympics will skate their short program Thursday at worlds.

They have spent more than half their lives together, grown up on the ice together and have reached unprecedented heights together. Davis and White made history by becoming the first U. This season the Americans have won every competition they’ve entered, including their fifth national title and the two international events in which they competed against friends Virtue and Moir.

Q&A: Olympic Gold Medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White Talk Training and Retirement

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Davis and white ice dancing are they dating – If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a Dancing competition of us lead olympic figure skater profiles.

Thank you for signing up. Sorry, it looks like an error occurred. Such is the American couple’s breakneck speed on ice, they could have easily swapped their dainty ice dancing boots for the longer 46 cm blades and chanced their luck for a medal in short track skating, which like figure skating will be staged at the Iceberg Palace during next month’s Sochi Olympics. If fans thought the couple who put ice dancing on the map in the United States could not get any faster by the time they arrive in Russia, White dispelled the notion.

We really sought to become a complete team, one who could marry what we had done four years ago with the characters we are portraying in these programmes and the feel for dance itself. We’ve continued to grow as skaters In every aspect we’ve tried to be the best we possibly can be. That dedication has led them down a path in which they have won two world championships, five consecutive grand prix finals and a record six successive U. National titles.

Remarkably they have won their last 11 competitions, are unbeaten for 22 months and are favourites to become the first Americans to win the ice dance gold medal at a Winter Games. Since they are the United States’s only realistic hope of grabbing a figure skating gold in Sochi, the pressure and expectations could have become intolerable.

Honing Their Chances With Photos and Wit

This year, the most famous American figure skaters in Sochi might not come from the women’s, men’s or even pairs’ competition. Instead, you might want to get familiar with ice dancing. That’s right, the hottest skaters in America—and the ones with the best shot at a gold in Sochi—are the dynamic ice-dancing duo of Meryl Davis and Charlie White.

Couple made history by winning USA%27s first dance world title in U.S. ice dancers Charlie White and Meryl Davis were eight and nine.

In a showdown with rivals and Canadian training partners Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, the American couple proved a cut above the rest by winning with a world record total of And 17 years of hard work was justified. From the moment the Americans stepped on the ice, with Davis wearing a sequined purple halter neck dress and White in an embroidered velvet jacket, the crowd waited with bated breath to see which side of the International Boundary the gold medal would end up in.

A breathless White struggled to put one boot in front of the other as the couple skated off the rink and when their scores flashed up to confirm they were only the fourth non-Russian couple to scoop ice dance gold there were hugs all around. A journey that led the American pair down a path in which they won two world championships, five consecutive grand prix finals and a record six successive U.

National titles, ended on Monday with the biggest prize of all. They also finished off with a flourish as they earned world record scores in each segment of the competition – following up their Virtue and Moir had hoped to join Russians Oksana Grishuk and Evgeny Platov as the only couples to have won back-to-back Olympic ice dance golds but had to settle for silver with The Canadian couple, who charmed the world four years ago on home ice in Vancouver, were delighted with their classical interpretation of Petit Adagio, Waltz in Concerto No.

However, once the scores of the Americans, who skated last, flashed up, Moir could only shrug in disappointment. With both couples hinting that the Olympics will be their swansong, they played out the final chapter of an intense rivalry that dates back more than a decade.

Davis and White ready to excel

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The USA’s Meryl Davis and Charlie White perform their short dance during Charlie White’s faces were as bright as the gold medals they’ll soon have and White had beaten Virtue and Moir at every competition dating to the.

No, Meryl Davis and Charlie White, the gold medal-winning ice dancing team at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, are not dating, nor have they ever felt “that way” about each other. However, if you thought they were a couple or that they just have to be “an item,” then they did their job, Davis, 27, says. The duo will continue their ice stories in Hershey at 7 p. Thursday, as headliners of “Stars on Ice” at the Giant Center. In fact, while competing on the TV dance show, there will be a lot of flights from one coast to another as they tour with “Stars on Ice,” which features the U.

Olympic figure skating team as cast members for the nationwide tour. That team includes two-time U. During promotions for “Dancing with the Stars” and “Stars on Ice,” Davis says she gets asked to explain her relationship with White, her longtime ice dance partner. Is it romantic? Is it brother and sister? There are so many facets to the relationship over 17 years, she says, that it is difficult to classify.

But being comfortable with their relationship assists in their performance.

Meryl Davis & Charlie White Win Gold – Pairs Ice Dance – Full Event