4 Ways to Give your Students Dating Clarity

My guess is that the vast majority of youth ministries teach about relationships and sex during the month of February. If it is not February, then it is some other time of the year. So why am I telling you that you must teach on them if you are already doing it? What I am wondering is if we are doing it wrong. When you look at the statistics and the dysfunction of our students have we missed the mark? My guess is when it comes to dating you either ignore the issue or you tell your students not to date. My question is, are either of these option helpful? Many of your students are going to date.

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Around the beginning of February, youth pastors are scrambling and asking each other, “What should I put in my sex and relationships talk? What should I cover? A lot of material focuses on playing it safe and goes way too shallow. Most often while doing their homework. Not only have they heard about everything you’re afraid to say

But to date a minister–a person would ask how could I be worthy of that? Most men, when they hear my occupation, don’t fully grasp what that.

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What to do When Students In Your Youth Ministry are Dating, then Break Up

Fervr interviews regular contributor Alex Greaves for his thoughts on Christians, dating, and sexual purity. Q: Alex, what does the Bible say about dating? Q: Okay, does the Bible say anything that might impact Christians when they begin thinking about dating and sexual purity? A: It definitely does! In Genesis , we read: A man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

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When you work with teenagers, dating within the group is almost an inevitability. With a David Crowder slow jam worship song and the gentle hum of florescent lights, romance is in the air. In addition to the freely flowing hormones, ministries explore emotions and growing together, relationship development and personal sharing. Relationships within the ministry can feel like a distraction, a hindrance, even an insurmountable problem at times, but there are a few things we can do to safeguard the ministry from a negative fallout from teen dating and the teen breakups that follow.

Pay attention. Josh and Kayley seem to be sitting next to each other more often, and are really enjoying the holding hands part of the squeeze prayer. They wear matching t-shirts and are planning matching tattoos. Sometimes the clues are obvious, right? You can keep an eye on their social media for the stuff they post about each other.

Pictures of kissing and relationship updates are dead giveaways, but similar check-ins, increased cross commenting, and artsy lyric posts can be indicators, too. Be up front with them about making good choices, especially at church events. Having everyone on the same page will only help the couple. If rules are being broken or issues arise, tell your pastor early so they are in the know in case they are approached by other parents or church members about it, or if you have to take disciplinary steps.

This is probably the best place to start when it comes to dating policy.

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I read your article about being enslaved by sex, and I am a youth leader in the church. My calling is to be a youth pastor, yet I feel I don’t fulfill my role because of my sin There may not be a “right age” to date, but there are opportunities and​.

Learn from 30 other stories like this one, click here to buy It Happens today! After the usual catch up about family and life, he gets to the point of his call, which is a lot more serious than our normal conversations. I can hear in his voice he is a little tentative when bringing up the situation. Apparently, they are very much in love; and, apparently, the relationship has been going on for a while. It only came to light when one of the other youth leaders on the team raised some questions about how much time Judy and this boy were spending together.

Other leaders had also noticed that that Judy always picked this boy to do things in the sessions over and above other members of the group. My friend John was a little unsure what to do.

Is it Inappropriate to Date My Youth Pastor?

Do you think he saw me? From daring feats of athletic show-offs to giggling girls, our students can seem most interested in each other when they show up to our ministries. What can we do? How do we navigate not only the idea of dating, but also address singleness and what we hope dating leads towards: engagement and marriage? The longest chapter in Genesis is about finding a wife.

5 – Who holds you accountable? Ordinarily, as two teens date over time they move toward isolation and away from accountability. I challenge.

I can date people in youth group! It is a fact of life, and thus a reality of youth ministry. PDA happens, and each youth worker has to decide how they will respond. Banning PDA is a very legalistic approach. If you choose this approach, I implore you to explain the WHY behind the rule every time you enforce it. I understand the temptation.

Your job is not just to gather the teens, it is to mentor and disciple them. It is striking while the iron is hot. Not to enforce rules, but just for the sake of relationship. For a great explanation of how and why relationships matter in youth ministry, read Relationships Unfiltered by Andrew Root. There are two PDA-centric conversations you might have. If you feel you need to address something right away, look for an opportunity to pull the students aside and talk.

The ministry of presence can be helpful.

REVIEW: The New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating

You remember the girlfriend or boyfriend you had in high school, right? Did it happen? If so, then congrats!

This blog post offers solid advice for how you can continue to minister to students even if they date, and then breakup.

I just started going to my church’s youth group a year ago and am basically the oldest kid there. A couple of months ago, I started to really like my youth pastor. I don’t think that is that surprising, because he’s an older guy and probably the most godly man I know. But here’s the thing: I think he might like me, too. He is only a couple of years older than me, so honestly, if he wasn’t my youth pastor, it wouldn’t be that weird.

Would it be inappropriate if after I graduate high school and leave the group we were to pursue a relationship? HE SAID: I appreciate you seeking counsel as you may sense the seriousness of the ramifications of the relationship you desire.

How to Get Your Youth Group Crush to Like You